Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) as non profit making organization was established in the year 1966, when it had just eight hotels and all of them in Kathmandu itself. In the first ten years of its existence, due to the early stage of the industrial age as well as the membership being extremely homogenous the Hotel Association Nepal was able to make its mark on the governmental regulatory and social up gradation aspects of tourism.

Furthermore, HAN was able to project itself as a leader in the decision making process pertaining to tourism. No aspects of tourism policies and their implementation could void the forceful imprint of HAN. As the hotel industry at that time was erhaps one of the few successful industries in the scenario where hardly any other industry existed. The period of 1970 to early1980 was prolific year for tourism growth and its spread.

It as in this period that all category of star rated hotels grew not only within the confines of Kathmandu but it also spread its wings beyond the valley such as Pokhara, Chitwan and the outer districts of this valley itself. Till then tourism was still within the confines of sustainability and hotels helped in the growth of other segments of the tourism industry.

Travel and trekking agents became more professional and their size of the market and its returns grew in manageable levels. The 1980's ushered in the idea of a borderless world and as such trade and commerce began to flow from one part of the world to the next. The tourism industry, the very heart of the concept of borderless economy, obviously began to get its full share of benefit. On the other hand, the concept of international tandards and, therefore, of an int.